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All Access with Rick Stuart Episode 18 SUPER BOWL Special

This is an artist's rendering of JR Smalling, KISS Tour Manager 1973-1976, and I, Rick Stuart, KISS Director of Security, 1975-1976, watching SuperBowl X during January 1976. Peyton Manning was about to be born in two months, Cam Newton wasn't even a gleam in his daddy's eye yet. The Steelers stomped the Cowboys 21-17. Tex Schramm was the Cowboy's owner and no one had heard of Jerry Jones. Terry Bradshaw was the Steelers QB, Mean Joe Greene was in his prime, Tom Landry coached Roger Staubach. KISS Alive was out and Destroyer was on the way. The episode is 2 hours and 25 minutes long. It might work to turn the sound off of today's game and just roll this podcast. Should match up pretty well time wise. Have Fun! GO Peyton, GO Cam! Being a very sad Giants fan, living in Dallas, I don't have a horse in today's race.


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I would like to thank Adam Smith of Grafix Krewe for the logo artwork and design;  Martin Dean, Chris Cyznszak, and everyone else who has sent me pictures. Thanks to the photograpers... Fin Costello, Barry Levine, Bob Gruen, Mick Rock... I tried to take good care of you guys and you never made my job or life difficult. Even though, in the KISS days, someone with a camera, when the boys weren't in make up, put me in an extreme RED ALERT phase!  

Behind the Scenes with Rick Stuart... 


Hi! That's me, Rick Stuart, (aka Dobe, Doberman, Doberman Pinscher back in those days - and yes, I am in a lot of the pictures), lurking in the corner, out of the spotlight, watching from the wings, in front of the dressing room, fly on the wall, the invisible man, behind the scenes. All of these pics are from my days as KISS' first Security Director during 1975-1976. A great time in a long and interesting life and career behind the scenes in the music biz beginning in 1968. I've been priviliged to have had a unique platform to view this fascinating world. I've decided it's time to tell my story and have some fun. RS